Ivy Senior Apartments (formerly known as Mt. Alifan Project): 

According their website, the Ivy Senior Apartments will house "seniors with chronic health care needs who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness."  We are extremely encouraged with the change in population, however, this still employs a housing first model, that requires no accountability, which we do not support. We do not believe that 'success' should be measured by dollars saved to the city or as a percentage of the homeless that remain housed. To truly help people, success needs to be measured by:

  • Number of residents that utilized the services offered
  • Number of residents that became and maintained sobriety
  • Upward economic mobility
  • Number of residents that no longer require government assistance(taxpayer dollars)

We would like the Ivy Senior Apartments to meet with Clairemont Cares quarterly to provide data around the aforementioned success measures, along with the number of residents that utilize the services 


According to their website, PATH San Diego's primary goal is helping homeless people off the streets and into permanent housing. They support a housing first approach. The proposed housing at 5858 Mt Alifan is to include 52 apartments for the chronically homeless. There will be onsite services including and not limited to: medical care, cooking classes, employment, and money management. There will be 1 caseworker for 15 residents. The caseworkers work a day shift( 9-5PM) and evenings & weekend will be outsourced to a third party. Residents will be selected based on a Coordinated Entry System(CES). Residents will have to sign a lease.

Let's break this down.... (Click on the icon below)

There are a few things worth noting:

  • The building is in escrow, due to close in Jun/Jul 2018.
  • Per PATH and Wakeland Development group, funding has not been secured. Each funding source comes with its own caveat which sets guideline on resident selection as well as housing rules. 
  • This is the ONLY 100% chronically homeless housing project that Wakeland Development has proposed to build. 95% of their portfolio are low income housing.
  • Residents have a lease- so they are protected by California Tenant Law. It could be VERY difficult to evict someone if there are any issues.
  • Medical staff and other resources are only available during 'day time hours'- which usually denotes 9am through 5pm.
  • Location  is located in between 5 schools, of which many students walk and bike on this street. 
  • According to a recent article in the San Diego Reader, 'all tenants will have background checks and no sex offenders or those convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine will be allowed.'  However, according to Housing First and HUD, they cannot discriminate. 


So Housing First... neighbors second?

  • There is no hotline for residents to call if they need help because of the new proposed project
  • There is no guideline on proximity to schools, bars, and residential area regardless the type of homeless that will be housed at the permanent supportive housing
  • Success rate for Permanent Supportive Housing is about ~35%, if they choose to leave, it would stand to reason that they would stay on the streets of Clairemont
  • 9,100 homeless were identified in San Diego, why isn't each city in the County of San Diego absorbing this responsibility?
  • Tax increase: How will Wakeland/Path be paying for the additional cost to operate and pay for our police, first-responders, and also make up for the lost property tax/sales tax revenue?
  • How will the neighborhood benefit? How will the company ensure the quality of life will remain the same?
  • Given the proximity to the shopping center, how will this impact the commercial development over time and impact 20 year master plan that is being worked on by Clairemont Planning Group?
  • Interesting article on PATH from the LA Weekly, click here to read it.

Additionally, according to the 2017 WEALLCOUNT census 20% of the homeless reported instances of substance abuse issues, 39% reported instances of mental health, and 69% ever been in jail/ prison/ juvenile hall. 


There are schools everywhere surrounding proposed project site

 This is the proposed property, 5858 Mt Alifan. It is next to the Vons and it backs up to the Blarney Stone's parking lot.

This is the proposed property, 5858 Mt Alifan. It is next to the Vons and it backs up to the Blarney Stone's parking lot.