Ivy Senior Apartments

According their website, the Ivy Senior Apartments (previously known as the Mt. Alifan Project) will house "seniors with chronic health care needs who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness. 52 affordable homes and comprehensive onsite and offsite services. Seniors will have access to services that are voluntary and tailored to meet their needs. PATH & P.A.C.E will be the service providers.

We are extremely encouraged with the change in population, however, this still employs a housing first model, that requires no accountability, which we do not support. In a Housing First model 'success' is measured by dollars saved to the city or as a percentage of the homeless that remain housed. To truly help people, we believe success needs to be measured by:

  • Number of residents that utilized the services offered
  • Number of residents that became and maintained sobriety
  • Upward economic mobility- financial independence
  • Number of residents that no longer require government assistance (taxpayer dollars)
  • Number of residents that transitioned out of permanent supportive housing and into apartments

It is difficult to find any data around the outcomes mentioned above. We would like the Ivy Senior Apartments to meet with Clairemont Cares quarterly to review the data of the aforementioned success measures, along with the number of residents that utilize the services.  We would like the CCPG to issue a Conditional Use Permit(CUP) and if mutually agreed upon benchmarks are not met, we are able to hold PATH, P.A.C.E, and Wakeland accountable.