Mt. Etna: Extremely Low Income Residence


What we know…

  • The RFP process is closed and there are 4 bidders: Bridge HousingCommunity Housing WorksUSA Properties, and Chelsea Investments
  •  The site is slated for affordable housing for low and extremely low income vulnerable populations: seniors, persons with disabilities, persons with serious mental illness or substance abuse problems, persons with HIV/AIDS, military personnel and veterans, at-risk youth, survivors of domestic violence, persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, transition age youth, and families in need
  • Higher density than currently allowed has been proposed, as well as suggesting that special need populations be featured so the building will  have a better shot at tax credits
  • Rezoning & Community Plan Amendment may result in building heights greater than 30 feet at the site.
  • "The winning developer will be expected to provide at least 50-percent affordable units with the rest approved for market rate (sale or rent). The county wants construction fast and for the units to stay affordable for 99 years. The county stated they will not consider selling the property and will be the developer’s landlord. A retail component to the development was recommended."


Community Housing Works reached out to Clairemont Cares and we met with Jorge Riquelme, Senior VP and Dan Marcus,Vice President, Acquisitions & Strategy, to tour their North Park facility and learn about their business. We were extremely impressed and they were very open to working with us and keeping the lines of communication open. Jorge is also a Clairemont resident, so he has a vested interest in this project.