You can find more info on the RFP and proposal here. This is 100% low and extremely low income. The developer is getting tax credits and a density bonus. This project only benefits the developer and the city. It adds no value to the community.


The distance between the proposed Mount Etna low income housing development and the Mount Alifan low income housing development.


Think of this Project as two parts: The Rezoning and The Development.


Rezoning is the immediate concern. The County has to submit the request for rezoning (as it is an amendment to the Community Plan),to the Clairemont Community Planning Group(CCPG). CCPG will listen to the request, review, and provide a recommendation to the City. What is concerning is that the request is asking to change the review process from a discretionary to a ministerial review (pg 6 of the RFP). This change in review removes the CCPG from the process. The CCPG is the voice of the community. If approved, changes that need to occur - in height, for example- a city staffer would approve, instead of requiring a recommendation from the CCPG. The reality is the City Council can ignore the recommendations, but it will be seen as ignoring their voters.

Sign our petition to stop the County from rezoning without seeing the finalized details of the project.

        The Mount Etna footprint

The Mount Etna footprint

What is the process for the Rezoning?


What has the county done so far?

The county has already submitted the notice of application for an amendment- PRIOR to the recommendation of the CCPG. The ad hoc subcommittee did not recommend the amendment.  The hearing is scheduled for Dec 6th at 9am. Details in the notice below.